>> Announcing Tofu Haiku Winners

It’s bean tough (sorry, tofu pun) but our judges have made their selections and we are ready to announce the winners.  We received over three hundred entries from all over the world; from New Zealand to Argentina and across Canada and the United States - even Texas has its tofu enthusiasts.  Without further ado, chew on this:

1st Place

after cocktails–
she stirs tofu
into his salad

Terry Ann Carter
Ottawa, Ontario

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2nd Place

weedy bean flower
flavored breeze, distilled
chilly sponge

Michelle Lewis
Minneapolis, Minnesota

3rd Place

daylight saving -
the pattern of muslin
on a tofu block

Patricia Prime
Auckland, New Zealand

4th Place

This tofu is a raft
wandering free
in a soy sauce tsunami.

Matias Blei
Buenos Aires, Argentina

5th place

in my first apartment
a white cube wiggles
bought for a dollar

Martin Francisco
Azusa, California

6th place

on our first date

Tony A Thompson
Lufkin, Texas

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Thanks to everyone who entered!

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